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Skateboarder of those very power, technician, with that pop, that's way, who walks in some peaks never explored and that's always creating something in his skateboard.  
Crobs is a different guy, you've probably seen how he walks and whoever hasn't seen him will still see a lot of bombs coming out of him soon.

Having a level of skateboarding equal to his takes a lot of preparation both in meditation and body.
A guy who really lives and thinks the way we like.

Now know a little of his history


What year did you start skating and where did you ride the most when you started?

First contact with skateboarding was in the 2000s, the place I walked the most when I started was on the street from my house when I lived with my parents

What are your inspirations since when you started walking and who are you inspired by these days?

When the comici didn't have much access to a skateboarding video I was always inspired by my friends, today my friends are still my inspirations

What are your activities for Skateboarding, what do you like to do when you are not riding?

I like to create letters inspired by street writings, exchange knowledge of skateboarding and art, read a little about what interests me meditation transcendental meditation watch series, movies and videos of snowboarding

Do you do some daily meditation? What do you think is important not just for skaters but for people to detach a bit from the matter and try to find and connect with their own SELF?

Yes practical transcendental meditation, I find it very pleasant besides being scientifically proven that it is good for your individual physical system and as much as for society. It's important because we live in a world where things are very chaotic I think that not only for skaters, transcendental meditation is a simple resource to easily access enough tranquility that you need in everyday life

What do you see in different brands that needs to change here in Brazil so we can improve every day?

I know that in Brazil things are different, there is still a lot of resources, but there is still a lot more from the contracting party for there to be any change, while those who support skateboarding don't change certain ways of putting the guys that walk, it won't change either, I think that it has to be from skate to skate as long as there are marks on the hands of people who have no respect for the skater nor for the history of the parade, this mess will continue

What places have you been to that you feel like walking and never been to? A remarkable journey with Skate? And say there 3 places that you dream of one day walking and getting to know?

I want to go back to copenhagen I walked there in 2013 and I didn't go again I was too young I didn't plan anything so it was all surprising, the most memorable trip was to Russia on a conversation trip. factor was one of the hottest trips, i want to see new york, philadelphia and san francisco i love the videos places places

About the TUPODE brand, what did you notice that was different and what most caught your attention to want to be part of it?

At the time at TUPODE, which is not a stop just for skateboarding and reaches different audiences, I identified myself mainly because it is a brand made by skateboarders and of course it has a lot of quality and good taste in the pieces.

Art by Henrique Crobelatti 

Photos by Caetano Oliveira e Alan Carvalho 

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